Eugene “Ugin” Yerofeyev: “We are doing everything possible”

Slingshot eSports portal talked with the manager ended Natus Vincere on CS: GO – Eugene «Ugin» Yerofeyev. Ugin spoke about the team’s form in recent times and downloaded band chart.

About command form lately:

“We are doing everything possible, but lost the last two tournaments. However, we have won on the ESL One New York 2016. When we started to play with s1mple, it was difficult to change something in the game with only one player. Now it’s a completely new team. Even if starix still manages gameplay, it is still difficult to establish communication and interaction in the team. Interaction should be at the required level for us to achieve these goals, but now this is not enough. We need to train hard to reach the top. ”

About restrictions for coaches from Valve:

“We had to take this rule. What can we do with it? Nothing. That is why we must continue to move forward and work on themselves. We are a team that is abusing the coach, because we have built our game on tactics starix, so that he can coordinate. it was really difficult for us to change it. I think we need to change everything. With Zeus replacement we lost twice in this plan and are now experiencing some difficulties. ”

About the busy schedule of tournaments:

“It needs to be fixed. First, it depends on the organizers. They are required to cooperate with the teams. In one week, we go to one tournament, then the second, and the next week we have another championship. It is difficult, but as I say, we can not do anything about it. We visit a lot of tournaments and will continue to do so. However, we also miss a sufficient number of competitions. It is possible that one of the reasons for our poor performances in the last tournaments is that our team is constantly playing and traveling. At least, this is precisely one of the reasons. “

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