Team Rogue has acquired legendary coach

North American organization has signed the Rogue trainer in the composition of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They became the veteran Counter-Strike 1.6 Oliver «minet» Maynet. The organization said the changes in the composition on the official website to Facebook.

Rogue turned to Oliver «minet» Maynetu after unsuccessful performance at ESWC 2016, where the team finished 25-32 place. Coach joined to the composition at bootcamp. Maynet Oliver began his career in CS 1.6 in 2009.


His first team was PlayZeek. In late 2009, Maynet joined mTw. In the team he won the DreamHack Summer 2010, took second place at DreamHack Winter 2009, DreamHack Winter 2010, the WCG 2010 and DreamHack Summer 2011. In late 2011, minet ended his career, but in 2015 returned to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After returning advocated nerdRage and mTw. Rogue was founded in the US in May 2016.

The first team of the organization was the composition of the Overwatch, three months later, Rogue signed Danish team Unity for CS:GO. In October, the composition left Mathieu «Maniac» Kikerez and Kevin «HS» Tarn. They came to replace Victor «v1c7oR» Djankov and Kamen «bubble» Kostadinov. The organization belongs to musician Steve Aoki, who in October acquired a controlling stake.

Composition Rogue team:

  • Kamen «bubble» Kostadinov
  • Jesper «tenzki» Mikulski
  • Victor «v1c7oR» Dyankov
  • Nicholas «glace» Jensen
  • Casper «cadiaN» Möller
  • Oliver «minet» Maynet (coach)
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