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The Boston Major 2016. The first changes in the list of participants?

LGD Gaming will replace the team iG Vitality at The Boston Major in 2016, if the latter is unable to obtain a visa to the United States. This is Zhang «Xiao8» Ning said on weibo. Translations of his words posted on Reddit user fireattack. Zhang «Xiao8» Ning November 15 it became known that all members of the iG Vitality could not get a visa. The players refused because that Yang «InJuly» Xiaodong did not finish the school. The team turned to Valve.

Two members LGD.Forever Young – Doo «Monet» Peng and Luo «lpc» Puig – also did not get a visa to the United States. One of LGD.FY players can replace Yao «Maybe» Lu. The Chinese team is not the first time faced with difficulties in approval. In the first major-tournament for Dota 2 – The Frankfurt Major 2015 – Newbee Young team Invictus Gaming replaced due to the fact that members of the latter have not received a visa to Germany.

In 2016 The International team LGD Gaming issued a replacement, as Xue «September» Chzhichuan not received the documents for entry into the United States. The team won 9-12 place. Player Vici Gaming Reborn – Zhou «Yang» Hayang – also could not participate in the tournament because of the refusal of the embassy. LGD.Forever Young and iG.Vitality held at The Boston Major through a closed training in China. The tournament will be held from 3 to 10 December in the Wang Theater of the city of Boston. The prize fund of the championship will be $ 3 million.

Composition iG Vitality:

Zhang «Yuno» Chenchzhun
Xu «Fran» Tszychena
Jan «InJuly» Xiaodong
Su «super» Peng
Gao «dogf1ghts» Tyanpen
Xu «BurNIng» Chzhiley (spare)

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