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Undershokk and ArsZeeq assembled his own team

Russian semi-professional players – Dmitri «UnderShock» Bolshakov and Arseniy «ArsZeeqq» Usov – announced the creation of a new composition. They will play three players from Europe – Charlie-, Mastermind and germanplayer. Arseny «ArsZeeqq» Usov, Dmitry «UnderShock» Bolshakov performed together in several teams, including the Vega Squadron and Prodota Gaming.

Ivailo «Mastermind» Petkov appeared on the competitive scene in mid-2015 as part of Ancient Warriors, and later played in the Team Bad English, PRIES and Prodota Gaming. Matthias «germanplayer» Deutschman acted Valkyrie eSports, and Charlie- was previously seen in several formulations in open qualifying for the online tournaments. Team name is not announced.

Team UnderShock and ArsZeeqq:

  • Arseny «ArsZeeqq» Usov
  • Dmitry «UnderShock» Bolshakov
  • Charlie-
  • Matthias «germanplayer» Deutschman
  • Ivailo «Mastermind» Petkov
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