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Wings out of The Summit 6

Approached by the end of the fourth game day at The Summit 6. According to the results of Wings Gaming, Team NP and Digital Chaos left the tournament. OG and Evil Geniuses will compete in the final of the bottom grid for reaching the Grand Final, where the winner awaits

Fourth day of the match was at the bottom of the grid, as the top was abandoned during the night of November 19th. Team NP and Digital Chaos, having overcome the first round of the lower grid, the second did not take a single card.

NP lost Evil Geniuses, and DC – Wings Gaming. In the small final EG bottom grid played against the Wings. The first card was left for the Chinese team, but took the next two “evil genius”. In the match for the grand finale of EG to play with OG.

The final fifth game day at The Summit 6 starts on November 20 at 21:00 Moscow time. First, we are waiting for OG match against Evil Geniuses, and after – the grand final between the winner and

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