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FORG1VEN decided not to renew the contract with H2k Gaming

Konstantinus «FORG1VEN» Tszortsu announced the completion of the contract with the H2k-Gaming. He decided not to renew the agreement with the team for next season. Greek player does not want to remain in Europe and will consider proposals of teams from other regions. The desire to leave Europe Konstantinus «FORG1VEN» Tszortsu explained the stagnation of development in the region.

He is ready to consider the proposal, but doubts that in Europe someone offers him something worthwhile. FORG1VEN not mind playing in any other region, but with the proviso that two of the four players will speak English and will coach the team with experience on a professional stage. He said that if you do not find the command, simply continue to live in Greece.

Previous season Konstantinus «FORG1VEN» Tszortsu spent in the H2k-Gaming. In March, he received a summons to the army, but a few days later he was given a reprieve. H2k-Gaming has qualified for the World Cup and it reached the semifinals, losing to Samsung.

Team H2k-Gaming:

  • Andrew «Odoamne» Pascu
  • Ryu «Ryu» Sang-Ok
  • Marcin «Jankos» Jankowski
  • Oscar «VandeR» Bogdan
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