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How you can rank up in the 2017 season

This season Riot doing numerous new things, together with transferring the start date ahead a month, letting you exclude your least-favorite place, introducing two separate ranked ladders (three in the event you depend Twisted Treeline), and giving ongoing updates on queue well being for 2017. You possibly can think about this publish as an all-encompassing, worldwide information on your 2017 ranked expertise.


Flex Queue will probably be turned on proper as preseason starts (coming with patch 6.22), with Solo/Duo Queue coming underneath per week later.
The 2017 ranked season formally kicks off throughout patch 6.24.

Position Preference Updates

This 12 months, along with deciding on a major and secondary position choice, we’re trying into the flexibility to exclude your least-favorite. We’re at the moment working checks in LAN and LAS, but when it is seen to drastically influence queue well being, we could not proceed with growing this feature. Only a heads-up!


Normal Draft will probably be retired initially of preseason for all areas besides North America, Europe West, and Brazil. Our aim is to supply the fewest variety of queues that give distinctive experiences (so we are able to maintain queues wholesome) whereas holding disruption low, and in all areas besides NA/EUW/BR, regular draft had very low participation. In a great world, we’d prefer to retire regular draft in all areas.
Solo/Duo Queue makes its return. Queue up alone or with a trusted teammate and get to climbing. Tier restrictions nonetheless apply, and Challenger continues to be restricted to solo solely.
Flex Queue is the ranked queue that rewards extra organized teamplay, permitting one, two, three, or 5 gamers (inside one tier of one another) to queue up collectively. We have now extra plans for Flex to evolve primarily based on queue well being (for instance, we could flip 4s again on if sufficient solos are queueing up). Particulars beneath.
For all areas that have already got Ranked Twisted Treeline, we’ll be transitioning it to a Flex Queue, the place 1, 2, or three gamers (inside one tier of one another) can queue collectively.
For Latin America North, we’ll be introducing Flex Twisted Treeline!

Placements & Seeding

Note: The beginning of season is a time to earn your rank on the ladder. You may be placed lower than where you ended the 2016 season, as a ladder reset means the highest possible rank anybody can land after placement games is Platinum I, which strikes all the ranks down.
You possibly can play some ladder calibration games for Flex SR/TT throughout preseason, however we’ll nonetheless be doing a gentle ranked reset initially of the season. That mentioned, video games performed in the course of the preseason could have some influence on the place you place initially of the season.


This 12 months we launched bodily rewards for gamers on the very high of the ladder, along with the Victorious pores and skin for anybody who hits Gold or larger.
For 2017, anybody who achieves Gold rank or higher in both Solo/Duo or Flex queue will obtain the Victorious pores and skin, together with an additional reward for many who handle the climb in each.

Riot plans for 2017

2016 was a tough 12 months for ranked fanatics and, regardless which queue you’ll want in 2017 (perhaps each!), we’re going to maintain an open line of communication about what’s taking place behind the scenes.
First, Riot planning to launch Flex Queue with an IP bonus that may run via the primary week of the season.
If Flex Queue doesn’t appeal to sufficient Solo/Duo gamers via the weeks, we are going to check different incentives, like higher-weighted place choice for solos, windowing Flex Queue timing, or simply plain limiting Flex Queue to pure 5-person premades (that is already in place in some areas).
We’ll talk queue well being and future plans each few weeks for every area so you possibly can see what’s on the horizon on your ranked expertise.

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