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Team LDLC acquired composition

French organization Team LDLC has signed contracts with the ex-players Melty eSport Club in League of Legends. The structure came Amauri «Moopz» Minguerche that was Meader SUPA HOT CREW XD over the eight weeks of the spring split EU LCS 2014. Amauri «Moopz» Minguerche – Team LDLC only player with experience of playing in the LCS.

Max «Satorius» Gunter spent a season in the top five in 2016 Inspire Esports (in June 2016 bought roaster Epsilon eSports) and reached the semifinal of the two splits EU Challenger Series – the second division of European competitions in League of Legends. Compatriots Moopz – Nerroh and Nisqy, and Crownie not previously participated in the leagues of Riot Games.

In November 2016 Team LDLC play on ESL National Championship and LAN-finals Challenge France – regional tournament from developers with a prize fund of € 14 thousand and a slot in qualifying for EU Challenger Series.. This is the seventh part of Team LDLC for League of Legends. None of the previous six failed to qualify for the largest LAN-championships despite the fact that in June-August 2012 for the organization acted Meader Team SoloMid – Soren «Bjergsen» Bjerg.

The composition of the Team LDLC:

  • Max «Satorius» Gunter
  • Nerroh
  • Nisky
  • Crownie
  • Amauri «Moopz» Minguerche
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