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Vega Squadron manned composition

The organization Vega Squadron entered into a contract with the former Kerry Gambit Esports – Aleksey «LeX» Kitsak. As part of the next season, he took the place of Ludwig «xDSMILEY» Grenkvista, who took a break to study this fall. The first professional team Aleksey «LeX» Kitsak became Team Empire. In November 2014 he joined the Hard Random, which won the LAN-finals of the spring and summer splits SLTV StarSeries 2015.

The team did not qualify for the World Cup for Wildcard in the region, but the audience chose LeX CIS team at the All-Star 2015. Before the 2016 season, the player decided to leave in Gambit Esports, c which was released in 2016 LCL Summer Split through Candidates Tournament. The team conceded for a ticket to the play-offs on the final stage and dropped out of the fight for a slot in the finals of the season. Vega Squadron opened unit for League of Legends in December 2015.

The organization purchased the composition Carpe Diem and did not change the players before the new season. After the third place in the spring 2016 Split LCL joined the team semi-finalist of the 2012 World Cup as part of Gambit Gaming – Edward «Edward» Abgaryan. The team took two cards from Albus NoX Luna in the grand final year split, but then lost three and left without vouchers to qualify for the World Cup. With a stand-in in the person of Daniel «Blasting» Kudrin team made its way to the IEM Gyeonggi 2016 through the Parisian offline qualifications.

Composition Vega Squadron team:

  • Alexander «NoNholy» Ovchinnikov
  • Nicholas «Zanzarah» Akatov
  • Eugene «Drobovik» Belousov
  • Aleksey «LeX» Kitsak
  • Eduard «Edward» Abgaryan
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