Albion Online

Final Beta Pre-Testing Starts on July 14

We want to make sure the Final Beta starts as smoothly as possible, which is why we are counting on your help to test the Final Beta before release!

We will open the Test Server “Mordred (Staging)” to our Legendary Founders on July 14, 11:00 UTC. Only accounts that had a Legendary Pack active before July 10, 11:00 UTC will be able to access the test server then. The Final Beta content, such as the New World, renewed Destiny Board, Reputation system and more will be there. As the Test Server is not strong enough to deal with the entire Albion Online population, we had to limit the potential population by a large degree.

It is important to note that this is a pre-testing phase and there will be bugs and glitches. We encourage all our Legendary Founders to report every bug they find, either through the Test Server forum, or via the #bug command in game.

Streaming and recording of Final Beta pre-testing will not be allowed.

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