Dreamhack Winter 2016. Groups announced

The organizers DreamHack Winter 2016 published the grouping and scheduling of the first matches. Teams from the CIS – FlipSid3 Tactics and Gambit eSports – were in different quartets. The first play in the opening match against GODSENT, the second – against OpTic Gaming.

In group A, besides FlipSid3 Tactics and GODSENT, will also play Team Dignitas and Team Kinguin. In Group B, and Group Gambit eSports OpTic Gaming amount Cloud9 and Renegades. In the group stage, teams will play for the GSL system. The top two teams will qualify to the play-offs c format single-elimination. Distribution groups and schedule of the first matches: Of the eight groups of three selected through the closed qualification – FlipSid3 Tactics, Gambit eSports and Team Kinguin.

Polish team ranked FaZe Clan, who received a direct invitation, but gave up his slot. In the closed qualification Kinguin play this place with Epsilon and with the score 2:0 won. DreamHack Winter 2016 will be held from 24 to 27 November in Jönköping, Sweden. The total prize fund of the tournament is $ 100 thousand, of which $50 thousand to the winner.

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