ESports grows, talk shows appear in Sweden

Swedish media company International Format Group announced the casting in the new talk show Gamerz. Five winners will receive a project sponsored contracts and will be able to become professional players. Talk show Gamerz will consist of several stages. Experts will choose out of all who applied, 12 participants. They will be placed on the training ground, where he will shoot a reality show. On completion of the project team of five people will be formed, which will offer sponsorship deals.

The show will be able to take part only residents of Sweden. Apply on the official site or Gamerz DreamHack Winter 2016, which will take place from 24 to 26 November in Jönköping.

Note the company’s general manager, Fredrik Ivanssona:

“So much interest has allowed us to create a unique opportunity for all the talents who want to become a professional in the world of eSports. We begin our work in Sweden, but our ambitions are much more – the next step is the launch of our company around the world.”

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