Gambit eSports won gold at the tournament Dreamhack Winter 2016

In Sweden, ended the last tournament of the series DreamHack ZOWIE Open in 2016. In the winter championship team proved stronger than all of the CIS Gambit eSports. In finals Gambit eSports defeated Renegades and won $50 thousand.

DreamHack Winter 2016 was held from 24 to 26 November. Play-off place on the last game day – 26 November. In the first semi-final Gambit eSports I met GODSENT. After winning with a score of 5:16 Cobblestone team from the CIS gave way to Train – 16:8, and then won on the Overpass – 13:16. In the second semifinal Renegades defeated Team Kinguin – 9:16 on the Train, 16:7 and 16:14 at the Mirage and Cobblestone.

In the final confrontation Gambit eSports defeated the Australian team with a score of 2:0 on the cards – 12:16 to 10:16 on Nuke and Cobblestone. Hero of the match was Abay «HObbit» Khasenov, who made 52 frags and went into the 21 murders on relation to the deaths.

Before the stage of the playoffs has passed the group stage. Eight teams were seeded into two groups of four teams each. Group A were stronger than the others GODSENT and Team Kinguin, and in the second quartet – Renegades and Gambit eSports. In the final match of the Gambit output Cloud9 defeated with a score of 2:1. FlipSid3 at the same meeting for the second place of group A lost to Team Kinguin – 2:1 – and left the tournament.

The distribution of the prize fund:

  1. Gambit eSports – $50 thousand.
  2. Renegades – $20 thousand.
  3. GODSENT – $10 thousand.
  4. Team Kinguin – $10 thousand.
  5. FlipSid3 Tactics – $3 thousand.
  6. Cloud9 – $3 thousand.
  7. Team Dignitas – $2 thousand.
  8. OpTic Gaming – $2 thousand.
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