Heroic winners of International Gaming Lague 2016

In China ended 2016 International Gaming League, where the team won Heroic tournament. The Danes came into the playoffs with a first place in the group, and in the final defeated VG.CyberZen with a score of 3:1 and won $ 43.4 thousand in addition Heroic playoffs out compLexity Gaming, paiN Gaming and VG.CyberZen.. Teams were seeded into the net single-elimination, where the semi-finals played in the format of up to two victories and a grand finale – to three.

In the first match of the Heroic defeated the Canadian team with a score of 2:1 on the cards – 16:6 Cobblestone, 19:22 and 16 on Train 7 at the Mirage. In the final match the Danes took over the Chinese of Vici – 3:1 (7:16 on Cobblestone, 19:17 on the Overpass, 16:1 and 16:10 Mirage on Dust2). The final playoff grid: Before the playoffs the team played the group stage for the GSL system format games to one victory in the winners of the first meetings, and two – from the losers.


Seven teams were seeded into two groups. In group A, there were three teams as TyLoo refused to participate because of the tight schedule of the tournament and the organizers could not find a replacement. In the first group proved to be stronger than the other Heroic, and the second place was taken by paiN Gaming. From the second quartet in the playoffs and went VG.CyberZen compLexity Gaming. Distribution Command Group: Final International Gaming League 2016 was held from 20 to 27 November in Shanghai. At seven teams were represented tournament.

Four of them have received direct invitations – Heroic, compLexity Gaming, paiN Gaming and new roster eUnited. Three other team last season qualifiers – VG.CyberZen, FIVE eSports Club and 5Power Club. Brazilians of paiN replaced in the list Luminosity Gaming participants as LG player – Vinitsios «PKL» Koelho – could not get a visa.

The distribution of the prize fund:

  1. Heroic – $ 43,4 thousand.
  2. VG.CyberZen – $ 21,6 thousand.
  3. compLexity Gaming – $ 11,5 thousand.
  4. paiN Gaming – $ 11,5 thousand.

Collectives 5Power Club, FIVE eSports Club and eUnited received $ 2.9 thousand.

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