Modder suffered Counter-Strike 1.6 in the engine Global Offensive

Modder from France under the name Z00L released trailer mod Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive. The Frenchman suffered a physicist and “chips» Counter-Strike 1.6 in the engine CS:Global Offensive. Release version fashion, according to the developer, to be released for Christmas. The first video with gameplay Z00L published in the summer of 2016.

In August, the French removed all new skins, moved and corrected most of the sounds and weapons remade radio communications, changed fragmentation and stun grenades. He also altered the location and the main menu. By December, he added in a fashion MP5 with its old-impact and balance. Older characteristics also received TMP, Galil, SG550, Scout, M3 and a knife. Changes were the rest of the weapons.

In fashion there are four maps: Dust 2 and Inferno from CSPromod, Italy from the CS: GO and Mirage by MadMax and game models of 1.6. The Classic Offensive been ported to the old sound effects, new sights removed from AUG and SG556, mufflers added to your inventory for the USP and M4A1. In the future, the Frenchman plans to return backache, as in 1.6, to restore the bug jump squats, back tactical shield, change the physics shrapnel, smoke and stun grenades, and add the purchase of ammunition.

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