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Notes from 09/11/16 in Dota 2

New update for Dota 2. As part of the Boston Major tournament Battle Passes owners were able to take part in the fantasy league to form their own team of professional players cards.

The list of changes:

  • Card players and fantasy-league once again available through Boston Major tournament.
  • All owners of Battle Passes will receive 12 sets of cards with professional players.
  • Sets of cards and can not be sold or exchanged. Additional set with cards worth 32 p.
  • If a player successfully collect cards of all the players of one team, he will get a special effect teleport and smiley with the team logo.
  • Depending on the collection collected cards (plain, silver, gold), and teleport effect smiley face will be different.
  • All players that take part in the fantasy league, will receive the award, depending on the score compared to other players:
  • Top 10% on scoring will receive 8 levels for Battle Passes, Top 25% on scoring will receive a level 4 for Battle Passes, Top 50 % scorer will receive 2 level for Battle passes
  • Updated exchange rates in relation to the Colombian Peso and the Chinese yuan.
  • Cards punters can now be put on display in your profile Dota 2.
  • Added a new tab called «The International 2016 Battle Pass Summary», which contains statistics related to combat Whitespace The International 2016.
  • The tab is available in the player’s profile Dota 2. Removed console dota_popup_player_card_pack team.
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