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Reddit and their favorites for the upcoming The Boston Major 2016

Reddit user under the nickname xXBlaze52 conducted voting among Dota 2 section of visitors who tried to predict the final standings at The Boston Major 2016. Most users believe Wings Gaming victory. In second place on this indicator proved composition 940 people took part in the voting. 58.4% of them have put Wings Gaming winner. A victory the sole representative of the CIS – the collective – predicted 21.5% of the respondents.

The final rating was formed as follows: each party to vote was a list of commands, which predicted what would take place each of them. The more users set specific command above the other, the higher it is placed in the final ranking.

The biggest progress compared with the predictions before the show teams of TI6 Digital Chaos and Execration. They climbed seven positions in the final ranking. Least of all respondents believe in the success of the Asian team WarriorsGaming.Unity.

This vote has performed in front of The International 2016. Then the majority of respondents put on the first double winner of major-tournament from Valve – command OG.

The final ranking of teams in the The Boston Major 2016 to version Reddit:

  • Wings Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses
  • OG
  • Newbee
  • Digital Chaos
  • Team NP
  • Team Faceless
  • MVP Phoenix
  • Execration
  • LGD.Forever Young
  • Ad Finem
  • iG Vitality
  • compLexity Gaming
  • WarriorsGaming.Unity
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