Heroes of the Storm

Denial eSports said goodbye to Glaurung

Mike «Glaurung» Fisk on his page on Twitter said that it is no longer a part of the composition of Denial eSports for Heroes of the Storm. The player was in the team since the signing in July of this year and is now open to offers from other teams. The last tournament for Mike «Glaurung» Fisk composed Denial eSports became 2016 HotS Fall Global Championship, where the team finished 7-8, a place to stay for the second group stage. The team has made the way for the fall World Cup thanks to second place in the 2016 ESL North America Fall Regional Championship 2.

Where Glaurung continue his career and who will take his place in Denial – is still unknown. Denial eSports signed the composition of the Heroes of the Storm at the end of July this year. Mike «Glaurung» Fisk has established itself COGnitive Gaming, who spoke during the second half of 2015. In July, he joined the former participants in the mix Cloud9 Crescendo, who signed a Denial eSports organization a month after the founding.

Current members of Denial eSports team:

  • John «KingCaffeine» Pole Lopez
  • Keyvan «k1pro» Itakura
  • Francis «aPm» Gilbert-Broder
  • Kun «iDream» Fung
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