Heroes of the Storm

Game Heroes of The Storm remained without a leader

The head of the development team Heroes of the Storm Dustin Browder in a statement battle.net portal reported that leaves the post of director of the game. Later Browder will deal with the other products of the company Blizzard Entertainment. What Blizzard projects in the future will be engaged Dustin Browder – is still unknown.

Behind the developer experience in creating quests for World of Warcraft and work on the design of StarCraft II. As Browder said his former place will lead software engineer – Alan Dabiri. Alan is in the company for over 20 years and in a comment on his appointment said HotS expect major changes and improvements.

Comment Dustin Browder:

“Over the past few months I gradually transferred his duties to Alan Dabiri – the veteran of our company with 20 years of experience behind him. And it is the same fan of Heroes of the Storm, as I do. And generally speaking, once in September of StarCraft Nexus appeared, our team started to give the best content from the start of the game – and all this without my daily participation in the development process. And I’m just incredibly liked everything that made our guys.

Let me explain for those who have not seen Alan at BlizzCon or in an interview – this man from the very beginning of the game helped us with almost all its aspects, and performing the role of technical director and member of the creative team. And Alan is an active member of our community, constantly monitoring what is happening on Reddit.com, on our forums, and indeed wherever it comes to the Heroes. He selflessly worked on the Heroes of the Storm in a few years and I am very happy that now he will continue to do so in the role of chief director.”

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