Heroes of the Storm

Team Ballistix champions Fall Global Championship

Victory in the autumn World Championship in Heroes of the Storm won the Korean team. Team Ballistix dealt in the finals against the Swedes from Fnatic and became the champion of 2016 HotS Fall Global Championship, winning $ 300 thousand. The final stage of system consisted of two group stages and a play-off.

Teams that won first place in the qualifying tournaments in Europe, North America, South Korea and China, automatically went to the second group stage. The remaining eight teams passed through the first group stage. That there were vice-champions of the above mentioned regions, as well as winners from Latin America, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand. The band played at GSL system format matches to two victories.

At the end of the first stage to the next stage were the team MVP Black, Fnatic, Denial eSports and Please Buff Arthas. There were the strongest of all the representatives of South Korea – MVP Black and Ballistix – won first place in the quartet. On the second line settled European teams – Team Dignitas and Fnatic.



In the first semi-final of the Swedish team won the champion of the spring of the global tournament – MVP Black – with a score of 3:1. In the second semi-final he lost to Team Dignitas Ballistix with the same score 3:1. In the final confrontation Fnatic has failed a second time to create a sensation and defeated Team Ballistix – 3:1.

The distribution of the prize fund Fall Global Championship:

  1. Ballistix – $300 thousand
  2. Fnatic – $150 thousand
  3. Team Dignitas and MVP Black – by $100 thousand.

Teams Zero Panda and Please Buff Arthas took the 5-6 place and received $ 75 thousand, 7-8 line – Astral Authority and Denial eSports – received $ 50 thousand, 9-12 place -. Burning Rage, Imperium Pro Gaming, Reborn and eStar Gaming -. $ 25 thousand Fall Global Championship is the third and last in this year’s major-tournament on the subject Heroes of the Storm.

The tournament was held at BlizzCon festival prize pool of $ 1 million. The previous championships also left in the Korean asset groups. The Spring Championship won MVP Black, and in the summer – Tempest.

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