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Here’s what to expect from patch 6.22

LoL patchnotes 6-22

With Season 7 simply across the nook, Riot has overhauled numerous the elemental aspects of League of their most up-to-date patch, 6.22. The primary pre-season patch, 6.22 revitalizes an underused class of champions, modifications the jungle and brings us an up to date set of things to make use of and misuse.

Oh yeah, and there’s vegetation.

Inexperienced areas: Vegetation

Summoner’s Rift and its ecosystem now supports some brand new life, within the type of game-altering vegetation. Three forms of vegetation litter the map, every with their very own distinctive skill and a requirement to be attacked to be activated; after their utilization, they wilt, and there’s some delay earlier than they respawn for use once more.

The Blast Cone’s liveable zone resides on pretty vital deep chokepoints of the map, and grants a small space a knockback akin to Ziggs’ W (Satchel Bomb) when attacked. This zone can do numerous issues, together with interrupting channels, permitting champions to jump over terrain with out flash, and disengaging/participating bouts between the 2 groups.

Scryer’s Bloom gives imaginative and prescient in a cone, permitting you to scout the enemy jungle forward of you and the epic monster goal in that quadrant of the map. The imaginative and prescient lasts for a reasonably restricted 12 seconds, can detect wards, and reveal all models. This makes endurance key to getting probably the most quantity of knowledge and management doable by means of its utilization.

The Honeyfruit’s area is the river, and it’s stated to be probably the most savoury plant of all of them. Attacking the Honeyfruit drops a number of fruit, which can heal for an quantity primarily based in your lacking well being while slowing you. On this respect, the fruit is as scrumptious as it’s filling. After all, the gradual places you in additional hazard and due to this fact asks the participant to choose as to whether or not they can threat going for the heal, lest they get caught or lose out on essential gold and expertise in lane.

Blast Cone = Purple
Scryer’s Bloom = Blue
Honeyfruit = Inexperienced

Common mechanics

  • FOLIAGE – Vegetation are stationary, impartial models with 1 well being. Destroying them (by way of primary assault) triggers an impact.
  • NURTURE – Vegetation spawn as inactive seeds and take 60 seconds to turn into usable. Every seed sort has a singular look.
  • FIRST SPAWN-  First spawn places for all vegetation are pre-determined
  • SPAWN NATURE-  Every plant has its personal set of spawn guidelines – see under
  • STARTER GARDEN-  The primary wave of vegetation is equivalent in each recreation

Welcome to the Jungle


Not glad with the state of the jungle within the earlier season, the appearance of vegetation has additionally coincided with a rework of the jungle, with all the pieces from the monsters themselves altering, to modifications to smite and jungle objects. Jungle creeps total now have elevated respawn timing, making it more likely for junglers to should invade their opponents or have interaction with lanes by way of ganking and counter-ganking.

Particular person camps have modified as nicely. Purple buff and blue buff at the moment are solo camps, Raptors now have extra cute child Raptors, Krugs have turn into the LoL equal of Russian nesting dolls by having the bigger Krugs break up into smaller Krugs, and Gromp positive aspects an assault pace frenzy earlier than fatiguing for some time. However the numbers have been adjusted so every camp retains its earlier problem. Solely the wolves camp has stayed the identical. These modifications have created an attention-grabbing dynamic throughout the map: extra single-target oriented jungle camps now exist within the blue buff space, whereas camps extra successfully cleared by area-of-effect strikes are within the pink buff space.


Smite has modified as nicely, with distinctive smite buffs from jungle camps being eliminated. To compensate for this loss in maintain, smiting a camp now grants you well being, akin to the outdated pink buff smite. This amps up the viability of carry jungler champs, who want that further fixed maintain to outlive early camps and potential invades or skirmishes. Don’t fear although, you may nonetheless smite individuals so the strategic and tactical utilization of the spell within the mid- and late-game continues to be out there.


Assassins have been made to battle for a higher a part of Season 6, with Riot citing unhealthy gameplay patterns or a meta which makes it tough for them to satisfy their position as champions that may choose off vital targets in any respect phases. The champions listed under have sustained each main and minor reworks within the hopes of correcting design flaws, and giving assassins a bigger window to satisfy their objectives.

Talon Fizz
Katarina Kha’zix
LeBlanc Akali
Rengar Zed


As Season 6 progressed, gamers began discovering optimum builds which closely featured armor penetration. Beginning with the notorious Ghostblade Lucian that was probably the most picked champion throughout the entire spring split, and ending with the Duskblade Jhin that featured closely in summer season break up, armor penetration was a easy and efficient method to offer early energy to scaling carries. It additionally allowed them to successfully cope with tanks in any respect phases of the sport. Realizing this, Riot opted to introduce Lethality, which gives armor penetration on a scaling worth as an alternative of flat bulk armor penetration. The result’s a stat that scales primarily based on champion stage to be higher than its predecessor, however removes its early energy. That is to the detriment of AD carries seeking to seize that early powerspike, and to the advantage of assassins who can use that scaling to assassinate excessive well being targets within the later recreation. All objects that gave armor penetration now give lethality, and a brand new lethality merchandise has been launched to be that much more lethal.


Invisibility was a key a part of some wild strategies and has been modified with a purpose to create extra tactical range on the utilization of invisibility and the methods to counter it. Invisibility has been retained on talents which are brief length, and retains you invisible to all the pieces however turrets. Camouflage is the brand new different to invisibility, which is for for much longer talents and makes all of them operate like Evelynn, revealing you if you happen to take a step to shut to a close-by enemy champion, ward or turret. The management ward, meant to exchange the imaginative and prescient ward, disables all wards and traps in its imaginative and prescient radius, and divulges solely camouflaged models, leaving these with true invisibility a neater time to outlive and fulfill their position in skirmishes and group methods.



Simply as we acquired to mastering masteries, Riot determined to shake down the three mastery bushes for some new goodies. In consequence, we’ve acquired new masteries to place factors into, together with a brand new keystone and reworked outdated masteries.

Fresh Blood Double-edged Sword Oppressor
Greenfather’s Gift Bounty Hunter Strength of Ages
Battle Trance Precision
Courage of the Colossus  Fervor of Battle



Amidst all of the shuffle, the masteries launched have tended to float in direction of early harm dealing. An instantly attention-grabbing mixture to see is Greenfather’s Present and Contemporary Blood, as they’ve the very same cooldown and may result in heavy burst or harass within the early laning part. Mixed with a keystone like Thunderlord’s Decree, they may result in extra bloody early video games. Nevertheless, not all masteries skew in direction of dealing harm. The brand new keystone mastery, Braveness of the Colossus, is the precise reverse and meant to offer extra safety to the fellows in your group able to go arduous and be the primary to leap into the fray. Being close to enemies whereas hitting arduous cc on one means getting a large defend that scales with the variety of enemies close by, letting champions like Jarvan IV and Alistar survive for much longer to disrupt fights and deal harm.

Other Notes and Observations

  • Elder dragon now has no penalty for groups stacking dragons. Its length has additionally been elevated a good quantity to 150 seconds.
  • Rift Herald now spawns at 10 minutes and offers considerably much less harm total.
  • Modifications to Alistar’s package make him extra centered on have interaction, as his passive now provides him the heal of his outdated E, whereas his new E provides him one other stun primarily based on his time spent in a struggle.
  • Twitch has extra wave clear now due to his W now build up his poison passive.
  • Buffs to Ivern’s Q makes it simpler to make use of with a shorter cooldown, whereas Daisy acquired extra well being.
  • Changes have been made to Kled as his passive was massively buffed whereas his W was barely nerfed.
  • Helps have new objects, together with Redemption which lets you solid an area-of-effect heal and damaging spell whereas useless, in addition to Knight’s Vow which lets you hyperlink to an ally and share harm they take.
  • AP itemization has been scaled down a bit, with Hextech Revolver and Protobelt seeing heavy nerfs, whereas Abyssal Scepter has been adjusted to amplify magic harm as an alternative of lowering magic resist.
  • Aegis of the Legion now solely grants armor and MR, and its aura has been eliminated; Locket of the Iron Solari’s energetic has been doubled and Banner of Command has been redesigned as a tank merchandise.
  • The inhibitor turrets have misplaced their cool lasers and now operate as outer turrets do.
  • Ranked has changed Dynamic Queue with Flex Queue and Solo/Duo Queue.


A whole list of the patch notes may be found here.

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