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LCL Open Cup. Vega Squadron in the grand-final

LKL Open soup. Vega in the grand final

In the semifinals, LCL Open Cup Vega Squadron met with the new members of Virtus Pro, who returned to the scene about League of Legends.

The peaks of the first map:

Vega: Maokai (NoNholy), Ivern (Zanzarah), Ryze (Drobovik123), Miss Fortune (LeX), Tahm Kench (Edward)
Virtus Pro: Jayce (Doxy), Elise (Sezzer), LeBlanc (Pranoia), Ashe (Blasting), Karma (SaNTaS)

The first Vega Squadron map put branded characters from Zanzarah and LeX – Ivern and Miss Fortune. “Shark” playing aggressively, knocked-Summoner spells from your opponent, but failed to kill only a Doxy, and “bears” just in the lead on the Farm. As a result, the amount of gold in teams for a long time was equal.

After 14 minutes, there was a long fight, which ended by exchanging 2 to 1 in favor of the Vega, but the expense of VP Pharma continues to keep pace. However, from that moment the game started razvivatsyastremitelno. Vega started winning the fight for the fight and quite easily took all the T1 and T2 opponent’s tower, and then the two inhibitors. Subsequent Nashor was only icing on the cake confident of victory “sharks”.


The peaks of the second map:

Vega: Trundle (NoNholy), Rek’Sai (Zanzarah), LeBlanc (Drobovik123), Varus (LeX), Thresh (Edward)
Virtus Pro: Poppy (Doxy), Elise (Sezzer), Cassiopeia (Pranoia), Ezreal (Blasting), Tahm Kench (SaNTaS)

On the second map Vega has no difficulty in lane and, after a few murders and MFA bot, taking advantage of already from the early stages of the game. “Shark” did not play very clean and acted too aggressively, which gave some the chance to their opponents.

In the future, “Sharks’ play for fun, allowing himself muvy of Solo Que. At some point even the Vega behind by Fraga, but at this point in the opponent’s “fleet” was no longer the three inhibitors. The victory was only a matter of time.

“Shark” came out in grand final of the tournament, where they will meet with ANOX.

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