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Riot Games continue to improve replays in the game

Riot Games Company activated the functional conservation of replays in the League of Legends on all servers. Players can view the record of matches without the help of third-party programs, but will return to the games just before the release of a new patch. The customer goes to the next version every two weeks. According to information from Riot Games, at this stage of recording matches will be stored in .rofl format and play in the match only participant. Players who want to share impressive moments with other developers have offered to maintain Highlight .webm format.

Quick Start is offline League of Legends does not clarify whether it is possible in such a way to record the entire match. Technology save replays appeared in major clients along with patch 6.22 from November 9, 2016. Throughout the week, its players tested servers in North America and Oceania. Riot Games has promised to add more functionality to the second season, but for the past five years, gamers have to use the programs from third-party developers.

Unlike solutions Riot Games, entries are reproduced after dozens of patches. Developers have not moved all the innovations of the preseason on the main server. Players still can not participate in the games single / doubles ranking queue, which will return to the 2017 season after a one-year hiatus.

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