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Rumor: Echo Fox will replace three players for the new season

The network has information about the new line-up Echo Fox. The basis of the team will take Lucas «Santorin» Larsen, Jung «Looper» Hyung Seok and Eugene «Pobelter» Park. Henrik «Froggen» Hansen and Yuri «Keith» Joe will continue to play for the team. Lucas «Santorin» Larsen from April to August 2016 stood for NRG eSports.

Top-player Jang «Looper» Hyung Seok at the time of publication is Royal Never Give Up, and midleyner Eugene «Pobelter» Park – in the Immortals. According to unconfirmed information, they will replace Anthony «Hard» Barhovtseva, Park «kfo» Jeong Hoon and departed on November 23, Terry «BiG» Chong. They advocated the Echo Fox since the beginning of January 2016.

The estimated composition of the Echo Fox team:

  • Henrik «Froggen» Hansen
  • Juri «Keith» Jow
  • Lucas «Santorin» Larsen (?)
  • Jang «Looper» Hyung Seok (?)
  • Eugene «Pobelter» Park (?)
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