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SK Telecom will change its composition on the subject of League of Legends

The composition of operating at League of Legends World Champions  – SK Telecom T1 left -Baie «bengi» Song Yun and Lee «Duke» Ho Seng. The organization did not renew the contract with the players. From SK Telecom T1 and Lee left «PoohManDu» Jong Hyun, one of the coaches staff. Forester Bae «bengi» Song Yong Lee and a support «PoohManDu» Jong Hyun joined SK Telecom T1 in February 2013 after the dissolution of the second composition of the organization.

December 31, 2015 Chon Hyun became the second team coach. Topleyner Lee «Duke» Ho Seng played in SK Telecom T1 since 7 December 2015. Together with the players and the coach departed SK Telecom T1 won first place in three World Cups, 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup, in the spring and summer LCK in 2016, as well as on the IEM Season X – World Championship and the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational.

At the recent 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup Korean team took the 3-4 place. The organization also announced that it has extended the contract with Lee «Faker» San Hёkom, Bae «Bang» Yun Sik Lee «Wolf» The same Uanom, Kang «Blank» Song Gu, head coach Choi «LiES» Byung Hoon and coach Kim «kkOma» Jeong Kyunom. November 3, it became known that SK Telecom T1 entered topleyner Kim «Profit» Yong Hyun Kim and support service «TaeHoon» Tae Hoon. Unofficially also listed as part of the Kerry Kim «GankZero» Seong Hwan.

Team members SK Telecom T1:

  • Lee «Faker» San Hyuk
  • Bae «Bang» Sik Yoon
  • Lee «Wolf» The same Ouen
  • Kang «Blank» Song Gu
  • Kim «Profit» Yong-hyun
  • Kim «TaeHoon» Tae Hoon
  • Kim «GankZero» Seong Hwang (?)
  • Choi «L.i.E.S» Byung Hun (Ch. Coach)
  • Kim «kkOma» Jeong Kyun (coach)
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