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Team Phoenix1 manned the five new

By the composition of the North American organization Phoenix1 on the League of Legends have joined two players from South Korea – Meader Ryu «Ryu» Sang Ok and carry But «Arrow» Dong Hyun. The organization said the changes portal Yahoo Esports.

December 5 ESPN announced the new composition of Phoenix1 citing its sources. Rami «Inori» Charms Phoenix1 also signed a new coach – Kim «Fly» Sung-chu. November 22 to the composition joined Adrian «Adrian» Ma. Rami «Inori» Charms and Derek «zig» Shao extended the contracts with the organization. Previously, the team left five people – members of the core team Brandon «Mash» Fan and Austin «Gate» Yui and stendiny Zhong «Fixer» Jae Woo, Andrew «Slooshi8» Pham and Brandon «Brandini» Chen.


Phoenix1 gained a slot in the NA LCS in May 2016. In 2016 Summer Split team finished in eighth place and was forced to play matches to take off. The team beat Echo Fox with a score of 3:0 and remained in the LCS for the season 2017. One of the owners of the organization is Robert Moore – a former deputy chairman of Paramount Pictures. Ryu «Ryu» Sang Ok began his playing career in 2012 in StarTale team. In January 2015, Ryu Sang Ok joined H2k-Gaming.

2016 Season World Championship team finished 3-4, losing in the semi collective Samsung Galaxy with a score of 3: 0. But «Arrow» Dong Hyun acts League of Legends in 2013. His first team was the Xenics Storm. In December 2014, but Dong Hyun joined KT Rolster. The team of a player won the Korea Regional Finals in 2015 and finished second in the LCK Summer 2016 and Korea Regional Finals in 2016. The team did not pass to the World Cup after losing the grand final of the qualification structure Samsung Galaxy with a score of 3:2.

Composition Phoenix1:

  • Ryu «Ryu» Sang Ok
  • Derek «zig» Shao
  • Rami «Inori» Charms
  • Adrian «Adrian» Ma
  • But «Arrow» Dong Hyun
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