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WildTurtle once again signed a contract with Team SoloMid

Carry Jason «WildTurtle» Tran joined the composition of the Team SoloMid for League of Legends. The organization informed about the changes on the official YouTube-channel. Jason played for TSM since 2013 to 2015. Jason «WildTurtle» Tran was playing with Team SoloMid this year – he replaced Ilyana «Doublelift» Pan at Intel Extreme Masters Season 11, Oakland.

He took the place of Peng and will play with the team in the regular season LCS. All players TSM left the organization after the 2016 Season World Championship, but Doublelift took a vacation for the first half 2017. WildTurtle began performing in the League of Legends in 2011.


His first team was the Forty Bus Gaming. From 2013 to 2015 he played for Team SoloMid, in which a part won the IEM Katowice, 2014 NA LCS Summer and 2015. NA LCS Spring. 2016 Jason Tran spent in Immortals. Together with a team of WildTurtle took third place in 2016 NA LCS Spring Split and 2016. NA LCS Summer Split. The team lost the grand final of qualifying for the 2016 World Cup Cloud9 composition with a score of 3:1.

Team SoloMid – North American organization founded in 2009. It has the composition of the League of Legends in 2011. TSM took part in the grand final eight seasons NA LCS and won four of them. The team has performed at every world championships, the best result – 5-8 in 2014. In 2016, the team did not come out from the group.

The composition of the Team SoloMid:

  • Kevin «Hauntzer» Yanell
  • Soren «Bjergsen» Bjerg
  • Jason «WildTurtle» Tran
  • Dennis «Svenskeren» Johnsen
  • Vincent «Biofrost» Van
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