BlizzCon 2016: Live Stream

Today begins the long-awaited event BlizzCon 2016’s opening ceremony which will be broadcast on Twitch. Below you will find a player.

From BlizzCon 2016 are waiting for confirmation of recent rumors. Firstly, the most anticipated is the potential announcement of Diablo 4, although fans will most likely will be pleased by the news of a new class for Diablo 3 and the next expansion pack.

It is expected that Blizzard has officially announced a new heroine Overwatch – Sombra, rumors of which has consistently circulated for several months.

For Hearthstone developers are planning new thematic supplement about the goblins, which is good, considering how “Goblins and Gnomes” dropped out of the rotation mode of the standard games.

Of course, talk about plans of Blizzard on World of Warcraft: Legion, do not bypass the Heroes of the Storm, and may provide something fresh for StarCraft 2.

Hopefully, the company will not forget about the update for Diablo 2 and other classic titles that have recently gained a second wind. A live webcast vystupitelnoy ceremony will begin at 21:00 Moscow time.

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