BlizzCon 2016 – Reportage [Day 1]

In this newsletter we will inform you about the events that will take place in the framework of this exciting and large-scale exhibition Blizzard developers. With BlizzCon and our portal you will find out as soon as possible about all the innovations of their Blizzard games.

  • Blizzard Enterteiment

– Celebrate 25 Years with Blizzard Entertainment

  • Overwatch:

New Heroine: Sombra. This character can be read here


– New maps and game mode. Sombra and new cards will appear on the test server tomorrow.


– Overwatch League. The salaries of the players, tournaments, big prizes, the public’s attention. Just like in a big e-sports.


– New features in the next patch: (Apparently, the Arcade will be really interesting.)

  1. Call the enemy 1vs1 on the same characters;
  2. 3vs3 mode, where the heroes are not resurrected;
  3. Many new fights;
  4. Unlimited mode, which is strongly requested, but for a long time did not enter.


Gameplay on new hero: Sombra

  • Heroes of the Storm

– New map for HotS, which will have to defend everything.


– Blizzard has immortalized the fallen leader of the Alliance in the Heroes of the Storm.


– New heroes in Heroes of the Storm – Varian and Ragnaros.

– An overview of all new products in the Heroes of the Storm.

  • HearthStone

– You think you’re big time, kid? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Come take a walk on the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and I’ll show you who the real bosses are around here. More information will appear tomorrow on our website.


– Gadgetzan: City of Opportunity

– Mean Streets of Gadgetzan – Kazakus

  • Diablo III

– A new class for Diablo III – Necromancer.

  • World of Warcraft:
  1. Patch 7.1.5 will be the first small patch on which will work Blizzard. All innovations come into play gradually, so users do not have a whole year to kill a boss.
  2. You will be able to go back to the dungeons of Pandaria, as it was with the Burning Crusade;
  3. Will return Warrior Guild (many new bosses, boss fights the type of line, the new currency – fighting gold, new awards).


  1. In the next patch will be a mini-game events that will be tied to the memorable dates in the history of World of Warcraft or some simple events.
  2. You will be able to gather the resources to fight and to take part in the event. Behind them will not be given special awards, they are made just for fun.
  3. For example, in one’s Event you will be able to play as usual guard of Stormwind or simply inhabitant of Azeroth.


– 7.1.5 occur in the next changes in the classroom. Blizzard will increase the amount of talent (talent really useful!), Will conduct the work on secondary characteristics (Skill, Critical Hit, Speed) will return some utilities-power (eg, Hunters of all classes will be able to set traps or robbers returned AoE invisibility).


 New raid Tomb of Sargeras, appears in 7.2! There will also be a new faction that will be tied to your class. Of course, the new world quests that will focus on the development of the class.


– In WoW, returned to garrisons locations! Each building – the new world quest.


– Legion attacking locations that players will have to defend. At this time, local not available.This quests will disappear only at the time of the invasion of demons. They promise interesting prizes.


– A lot of new battlefields, including the new mechanics. Expanse for pvp.


– Changes artifacts:

  1. – New features for development;
  2. – Four levels of improvement;
  3. – New levels of knowledge (which can be bought);
  4. – New heirlooms, acting on two lines at once.


– And the latest news about WoW. Ahead of us is waiting for the Argus, a world that started it all!


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