Tempo Storm said goodbye to two players

Di «NapTime» Eph said on Twitter that the left part of Tempo Storm on Overwatch by management and described the atmosphere in the team. The topic on reddit player also said that the team was expelled from Liam «Mangachu» Campbell and manager – Shane «Dvexx» Waters. Di «NapTime» Eph According Di «NapTime» Efa, problems at Tempo Storm arose from the fact that the composition was created of the best players of the two teams – Northern Gaming Red and Sea Algae. Much of the debate was to confront the former members of the two teams.

According to Dee Eph, Tempo Storm Management prejudiced against players Northern Gaming, which is why the management decided to stop playing with NapTime. The organization has not yet confirmed the information about the reshuffle. The best result of the North American composition Tempo Storm on Overwatch is the first place in the weekly tournament on GosuGamers. At the last championship – Route 66 Cup – the team finished 5-6, space, leaving the tournament in the first round losers.

Current members of Tempo Storm NA on Overwatch:

  • Jan «BreadExpert» Chaplin
  • Estevan «YouMustHooey» Gama
  • Rollo «Mini» Hamelin
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