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Jin Air Green Wings said goodbye to one of the key players

Co. «HyuN» Sok Hyong left composition Jin Air Green Wings for StarCraft II. Contract Korean pro-gamer in force until November 30th. The organization has decided not to continue its cooperation with HyuN. Co. «HyuN» Juice Hyun was the last player to join the composition of Jin Air Green Wings for StarCraft II – he came to the team in March 2016. During the playing time in the team, he won 31-60 in the first season of GSL Code A 2016 and 25-48 – in the second.

With Juice Co. hyun organization also left five members of staff on the League of Legends. HyuN began performing in StarCraft II in 2011, his team became the first Team SCV Life. In 2012, he finished second in the GSL Code S 2012, losing in the grand final Kwon «Sniper» Tae Hun. The player also won the DreamHack Open 2013: Valencia and WCS 2014 Season 1 America.

After closing Proleague most major Korean companies dissolved compounds, Jin Air Green Wings also continued to support the players. For the team played Kim «Cure» Before Wook, who finished 3-4 in the 2016 Global StarCraft II League Season 1, the double world champion Kim «sOs» Yu Jin, Cho «Trap» Song Ho, runner-up in 2016 and KeSPa Cup others.

Composition Jin Air Green Wings team:

  • Kim «Cure» Before Vuk
  • Lee «Rogue» Byung Rёl
  • Kim «sOs» Yoo Jin
  • Cho «Maru» Song Chu
  • Chan «Creator» Hyun Woo
  • Cho «Trap» Song Ho
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