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MVP.Phoenix stopped cooperating with the composition of Starcraft II

South Korean organization MVP stopped cooperation with the division for StarCraft II. Information on dissolution of the composition reported in its broadcast former member Kim «Forte» Team Qi Yun. Former player MVP Koch «GuMiho» Byung-Jae In October MVP said he would not dissolve the team. It is not known the reason why the organization has changed the decision.

After closing Proleague five teams from South Korea ceased cooperation with the players in StarCraft II. November 21 Afreeca Freecs dissolved composition. Jin Air Green Wings – the only organization of Proleague, which retained command for SC2. MVP was founded in 2010. The first was the composition of the organization team for StarCraft II.

In 2012, two staff members – Pak «DongRaeGu» Su-ho and Kwon «Sniper» Tae Hoon – won the GSL Code S in the first and fifth seasons respectively. At the time of the dissolution of MVP were Kim «Forte» Ki Yoon, Han «Blaze» Jae Won Kim «NaTuRal» Hyon Gak Pak «Pet» We Kue & Koch «GuMiho» Byung-Jae – silver finalist DreamHack Tours 2015.

Former composition MVP:

  • Kim «Forte» Kee Yoon
  • Koch «GuMiho» Byung-Jae
  • Khan «Blaze» Jae Won
  • Pak «Pet» We Kue
  • Kim «NaTuRal» Hyon Gak
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